Graphic recording and facilitation makes meetings truly engaging, memorable and designed for action. Boost creativity, efficiency, alignment and follow-through for your face-to-face and virtual meetings.

Graphic recording:  I record your group's output with the help of a facilitator.

Meeting facilitation: Using mad skills, I can get your group to make decisions, gain clarity, or share insights. Get to clear visions, strategies and action while you align quickly and efficiently without sacrificing creativity. Make thechange-management process both engaging and effective.

Graphic facilitation:   I both facilitate your meeting AND capture outputs with markers and paper.

Writing:  I'm like a Swiss army knife of writing skills. Copywriting, scripts, web content, emails, newsletters, novels, ghostwriting, ad copy, print copy, brochures, recruitment materials, Tweets, abstracts, thesis papers, love letters, and notes to be passed during class, to name a few.

Personal journey maps: 

A personal development tool to help you make decisions or gain clarity on personal or professional issues.

Workshops:  Using visuals in professional or academic settings, and more. Check back soon for more details.