Awesome night last night! The Seed 2020 hosted a panel of experts on small business marketing. The Seed 2020 is a local small business networking group lead by the Answer Maven herself, Constance Ard, Stephen E. Arnold, and Keisha Mabry. We've begun meeting at Workshop, Stephanie Ringer and Jessie Bunn's answer to boring conference rooms and meeting spaces. It is always a great time - speed networking, presentations on helpful small business issues, and a room conducive to creativity.

Panelists last night were:

Dr. Tyra Oldham of LAND sds. She shared her marketing techniques and insights, and the importance of value add material.

Jennifer Fontaine of Fontaine Marketing . She focused on the use of electronic marketing. My favorite comment of the night came from her: "Marketing is not a crock pot. You don't set it and forget it."

Larry Rother of The Highlands of Louisville is the brains behind Louisville's Coffee News.  He will talked about direct traditional marketing.

The discussion was moderated by Carmel Stauffer of State Farm Insurance. 

I did a graphic recording of the evening and it was a great artifact of the night's discussion. Thanks for letting me capture you all on my big white paper! Here's the final version. These pics are all in my work gallery, too.

Dr. Oldham posing by her words - had to be sure the Blackberry icon was in the picture!

Jennifer Fontaine sitting by her comments - loved her analogy about marketing and crock pots. Her blog is here.