Last week I participated in a local networking event with the Seed 2020. I presented my graphic recording business and copywriting services to a group of 20 or so small business people. There were a few questions asked and I thought I would share the answers here:

Question: You talk about "experience teams." What does that mean?
Answer: At a former job with a Fortune 500 company, my group's work was to visually represent experiences with the company in the form of a map. So we would say, "Hi, Customer. What's it like to be a customer of ours?" I took their responses and made it a visual map. This is an example of an experience map, thought not the ones I worked on which are proprietary and I can't share them. My job was to represent the experience in words and pictures.

Question: So you get paid to doodle?
Answer: I get paid to take your huge conversations and ideas and bake them together in an easily-understood cookie. It might look like a doodle but it's so much more useful than that.

Question: Do you just listen at the meetings or do you facilitate as well?
Answer: I do both. Whatever the client needs, I can do.