Every artist has a weapon of choice when it comes to her toolbox. I have always been picky about my pens, and that's another blog post, but for graphic recording, I love my Mr. Sketch markers. Here's why:

1. CHEAP cheap cheap. Some day I will upgrade to the fancy refillable markers, but until then, my friend Mr. Sketch is coming with me to all my gigs. Also, any office supply store sells them for less than $10 a pack. If you lose some or have to replace them, it isn't a big deal.
2. Great inking The ink flows consistently and can keep up with even a fast-and-furious ideation session.
3.They're scented! Each marker has a different scent. It makes me feel sort of like a kid again.
4. Great color choice  Some markers just have too many choices. I like Mr. Sketch's colors very much.
5. Easy to write with In any given session, I have to write for a long time and I have to use varied lines. Mr. Sketch markers are comfortable to hold and offer several types of line, based on how you hold the marker.