Last week I spent the day with the University of Kentucky in Lexington with the state extension program's all-school conference. The topic was "Struggles in the Commonwealth: A Family Systems Approach." The first half of the day included an overview of Kentucky families right now - from demographics to food habits. The second half of the day offered breakout sessions on nine topics. I'll post a shot of the visualization.

An interesting thing happened at this conference. At the end of the day, the president of the school gave a lovely wrap-up on the work we'd all done. The question she put forth was if we don't do the work of the extension program, then who will? If not us, then who? As folks were filing out, I turned to see a participant grab a marker and scribble on my visualization. Before I could get to her, she was gone. She had written, under the question "If not us, then who?" - "NOT ME." I alerted the organizers of the program and we tried to find this obviously disgruntled employee but to no avail.

My take away from that experience was complicated. The presentation had struck a chord with this woman, so hard that she took the time to put a bit of graffiti on the graphic recording then scuttle out without explaining her actions. I wonder what she might have done had there been no way for her to express her frustrations? Now the organizers know there is someone who isn't jiving with the school's mission and is clearly unhappy about it. I wonder if she'll come forward and begin a conversation about her feelings or will she simply let it fester, affecting her job?